Motivation: How to Change Your Lifestyle and Stay Healthy While Traveling.

It’s simple you close the leg rest put your feet on the floor use your leg muscles to push downwards thrusting your body upwards and into a walking position.

In all seriousness, I know personally that it can be hard to get motivated to get fit. Sitting there doing nothing is easier. Using the excuses, “I’m just trying to live life” or “I’m too busy to get fit now”, all seem like legitimate excuses. At least that is what you tell yourself.

It is hard changing your life style. It must be intentional. As much as you would like it to, it won’t change itself. You have to make time to exercise, think about what you are eating and change your diet accordingly. Changing your lifestyle must be a conscious effort. For example if you know you have a busy travel day ahead of you, you might consider eating lightly the night before and the following morning since you will be sitting on your duff all day long. You might even consider doing a work out the previous day, since your physical activity the following day will be limited. Being lured into eating junk food while traveling is quite easy. It is convienent, fast, and easy. Next time you travel, pack a trail mix or some granola bars, so you can eat those instead.

Changing your lifestyle must be a conscious, intentional effort. It requires forethought and planning. This is a step that many are too afraid to take, but you can be the one who steps out and makes healthy choices and defies the status quo.


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